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Assisted Selling

Our Assisted Selling framework is built around a sales conversion funnel, where the overall performance is a result of 6 pillars working in unison.


This then helps to turn individual customer actions into a consolidated sales funnel and generate more sales at a lower cost.

About Auto Zebra

Who we are

We are Auto Zebra, born with a vision to give car manufacturers a digital advantage and to grow their sales.

The senior team have 20+ years experience helping retailers and car manufacturers use online to grow their businesses and specific expertise in delivering a number of reference digital projects for car manufacturers. 

We have formed a coalition of strategic partners and created an unparalleled proposition that can be delivered on a global scale.


We have the experience, expertise, pragmatism and scale to succeed. 

Our services

Our services

We provide a full range of services from consulting, standalone technology and managed live chat through to fully outsourced sales channels.


Each of our services can provide car manufacturers with competitive advantage and reduce their implementation timelines, costs and risks.

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